The European Policy for Intellectual Property association (EPIP) announces its 13th Annual Conference in Berlin, Germany, September 5th to 7th, 2018 with a special attention on

IP in a data-driven economy: New challenges for law, economics and social sciences

Scholars from all disciplines and practitioners interested in the economic, managerial, legal and political aspects of intellectual property rights are all encouraged to submit and/or to attend.

The conference will contain a special track of sessions around the topic “IP in a data-driven economy: New challenges for law, economics and social sciences” which is organized jointly with the Berlin based Weizenbaum Institute for the networked Society – The German Internet Institute. Topics to be included in this track include:

· IP protection for big data: incentives or access barriers?
· Competition on data markets/access to data: rights and remedies

· Contracts on personal and big data: conditions and limits of a market    model
· Technical safeguards for data sovereignty

In addition, we invite the submission of papers on all IP- related topics including (but not exhaustive):

· IP and innovation
· IP and firm strategy

· IP and competition policy
· IP and its role on the market for technology · Standards and patent pools
· Inventor mobility and knowledge flows
· International trade agreements and IP
· Open access and IP in science
· Functioning of IP systems
· Gender and IP

All forms of IP are relevant, whether Patents, Copyright, Trade Marks, Plant Breeders’ Rights, Geographical Indications, Design Rights, Trade Secrets or others.

Full Papers and Extended Abstracts can be submitted via the online submission system. (Preference will be given to full papers, however). All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Submission deadline: April 7th, 2018.
Notification of acceptance: May 10th, 2018.
Authors of accepted papers are invited to submit their papers for publication in JIPITEC (
Prizes will be awarded to the Best Full Paper submitted and to the Young Scholar’s Best Paper.
Reduced fees will be available for PhD students.

As of January 31, 2018, no more proposals are accepted. Visit the Themed Sessions page: Open sessions accept unsolicited submissions; for On Invitation sessions, submit only if invited by the organizers.
All submissions must go through the main submission portal, respect the general deadline and will be peer-reviewed.

The EPIP association supports PhD students in the field through reduced fees. In addition, a PhD workshop on “Current directions in the legal and economic study of IP systems” will be held on September 5th, at no extra cost for all selected students.

· Keith Maskus
· Albrecht Glitz
· Herbert Zech

· Justus Haucap
· Margaret Kyle
· and more to come

· IP in a data-driven economy: New challenges for law, economics and social sciences
· Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA) and IP
· and more to come